Talonian Warriors

The COMPLETE Alien Sci-Fi Weredragon Romance BESTSELLING Series full of lovable characters, steamy sexy aliens and lots of Romance!


This is a collection of 5 books that are full of great stories that will keep you wanting to read from Book #1 right through till Book #5!


This series takes place on both Earth and Talonia. Talonia is a peaceful, beautiful planet. Its existence is unknown and The Talonian weredragons are very happy that they are a secret. By accident, they are discovered, and they must try and learn to live amongst humans.

Kelan: Talonian Warriors

On a mission to find a weapon that would not harm the atmosphere of his planet, could Kelan remain uninvolved when he discovered his gentle, human associate was being abused?


elan Rankin owned a company worth billions. His weapons were considered evolutionary. He freely shared them with the entire world. He had been commanded to stay uninvolved with the humans by the leaders of his planet. It was difficult for one so kindhearted. He found them to be like family and he cared deeply for their welfare, especially that of his personal assistant.


Michelle Langtree was shocked to be chosen as personal assistant to Kelan Rankin. Her resume wasn't up to par. She found her duties a challenge she was ready for. Kelan trusted her and that meant everything to her. Her personal life was a shambles. She was shackled to a man who abused her endlessly.


When Kelan discovered Michelle being choked by her abuser, anger took over his body. He transformed into a terrifying creature. Michelle was saved, but at what cost? She now feared the only man she had ever trusted and Kelan's secret was out.


Can a human fall in love with a mythical creature? Will she keep his secret? Can Kelan stand up to his superiors for the sake of a mere human?

Tae: Talonian Warriors


Is saving one stranger worth risking the lives of many, including yourself?


The weredragons have been patient, but the never-ending taunting of their enemies must finally end.


Tae is a soldier who hates war, but knows it is sometimes a necessity. His family requires his income, making him duty bound to fight. When the Talonians decide to take the battle to the enemy's world, Tae finds himself making difficult decisions, ones that will change him forever. Should he obey orders or defy them to save a stranger?


Eveline is human. She is a captive slave of the reptilians known as the Savra. Beaten and tortured since the tender age of ten, she is looking for escape. When aliens attack her captors she expects to die, either by the hands of her captors or the dragons she spies in the sky. Instead, she finds a savior.


Talonia must survive. The weredragons fight valiantly, no matter the cost. They suffer great losses and learn that change is inevitable. Tae discovers an unbreakable tie to his home world and to the human he has grown to love.


When dragon fire is not enough, will a new weapon bring victory? How much sacrifice is too much or can there be too little?

Hesher: Talonian Warriors

Fantasy collides with reality. Is it fate? ?


Lydia, captain of the Earth vessel Outreach II, and her crew were sent to explore the vastness of deep space to find inhabited worlds. The trip was the culmination of her childhood dreams. Plans are changed when trouble with the spaceship causes them to go off course and crash on a unknown planet in an uncharted star system. Most of them survive and soon discover they're not alone. The perfect planet is occupied with intelligent life, the kind you only read about in books.


Hesher's been alone for most of his life. It's never bothered him before, for he's been busy as the commander of Talonia's military. But, seeing all his friends fall in love and choose mates has him taking a closer look at his lonely life. His musings are interrupted when a strange ship full of humans falls from the sky. The weredragons have been discovered and it brings chaos to his world in more ways than he ever imagined.


Finding himself attracted to Lydia is enough of a problem as they are both stubborn and opinionated, but there is more to the story. Earth is in trouble and they need help. The weredragons are their only hope of survival. They have the only weapon that is capable of defeating Earth's attackers. Will they give up their anonymity to save the humans or let them be taken as slaves? Hesher is pulled in so many directions his soul is almost torn.


The weredragons are at a crossroads. Which way will they turn and will Hesher be lost in the process? ?

Maxxus: Talonian Warriors

The weredragons' planet is dying. What will rise from the ashes?


Maxxus has become the new king of Talonia. He must earn the trust of his people. It will be difficult, because his brother, the former king, was loved by all. Making matters worse, the planet is losing it's paradise status. Volcanoes aren't just dormant; they're dead. The waterfalls are dull and losing their energy restoring powers. Soon, the citizens, who look to him for answers, will be starving. He must ask for help from the one place he would rather not, Earth.


Josie's father once saved Earth from destruction and it is to her that the other scientists turn when Maxxus calls for help. Eager to prove herself as valuable as her father, she accepts the challenge. Gathering a crew, one who has already been to Talonia, she sets out to save the mighty weredragons. She becomes involved in a battle of wits with the stubborn, hard headed king, who is wary of humans. She sees inside his tough shell and can't help feeling drawn to his soul.


Maxxus finds himself confiding his deepest feelings to a stranger, a human. It is disconcerting, to say the least. How could he be closer to a stranger than his own family? As the planet begins to lose it's battle, Maxxus finds his heart melting. A few random words, heard by accident may ruin his life.


Will he lose his one chance at love and his entire planet as well over a simple misunderstanding?

Blayze: Talonian Warriors

Terrorism was thought to be obsolete in Earth's new peace. Were the weredragon's to blame for it's return or pawns in a grander scheme?


Belle is a CIA agent dreaming of staying in one place to make a home and believes she had found it until the news of a terrorist attack in the city of her childhood ends that dream. She is given the assignment of getting to the truth behind the attacks and finds a deeper attachment than she imagined. The pictures of the incidents sicken and shock her, yet she refuses to believe the rumors that the Talonian weredragons are responsible.


Blayze has chosen a job that is simply outrageous for a weredragon. He works on an oil rig in the Texas gulf, where dragon fire is a hazard. He is captured by the terrorists and unwittingly recruited to bring destruction and death to mankind. His only hope depends on the tenacity of the woman he fell in love with on the dance floor, Special Agent Belle Simons.


The terrorists have broken something inside Blayze and he can not be trusted to control himself. As the world awaits the outcome of the terrorists regime and the weredragons innocence is questioned, he fights a personal battle within.

The terrorist plan unravels, revealing a shocking, diabolical schemer. To him the weredragons, including Blayze are expendable. Belle feels differently. Will you?


Enter Blayze's world of love and pain at your own risk. You will be captivated.

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