Dragons Of Dobromia


Tredorphen: Dragons of Dobromia (Book 1)

“I didn’t mean to fall in love with him. The only thing I meant to do to him, was tell a lie.”

When the spaceship Vulcana makes an emergency landing on Celyara, researcher Marina Livingstone never suspected she would run into the sexy and provocative race of alien WereDragons.


With their home planet running out of resources, the Weredragons plan to take advantage of their new human encounters in every way possible. Little did Tredorphen, the golden scaled shifter and son of the King of Dobromia, know that the sexy blonde scientist he intended to claim had the exact same plan in mind.


Neither human nor Weredragon are willing to compromise or betray their race, Marina and Tredorphen must find a way to let their love grow and embrace the sexual fire that they burn for one another.


How can Marina scheme against the Weredragons while pursuing a sexual relationship with the Prince? How will Tredorphen’s allegiance to his royal family put the human’s lives in jeopardy?

Vaikrand: Dragons of Dobromia (Book 2)


“I don’t trust him and I don’t like him. But damn it, I’m pretty sure I’m in love with him.”

After crash landing on the Weredragon planet of Dobromia, Athena Livingstone is a prisoner in the dragon’s tower. Once a smitten Weredragon sets her free in secret, Athena finds herself lost in dangerous terrain.


A sexy outcast shifter named Vaikrand has been banished from living within the Weredragon kingdom. Cast out into the desolate topside, he must find a way to convince the dragon king that he is worthy of coming home.


When Vaikrand runs into Athena, he sees an opportunity. But her hatred of the Weredragon species makes her a hard woman to befriend and even harder to bed.


How can Athena resist her urge to be claimed by the difficult yellow shifter? Will Vaikrand find a way to convince Athena to become his partner in the wasteland, or will her fears of betrayal by the Weredragons prove true?

Kavryiss: Dragons of Dobromia (Book 3)


“All I’ve ever wanted was the D’Karr to take me as his wife and rule over Dobromia.


Now I can only think of one thing strong enough to change my mind. You.”

The leader of the Weredragon planet has left his beautiful D’Sharr wife for the very sexy, very charismatic Diana Montanari. The girl is vivacious, opinioned, and hated by the Weredragon people.


The jilted D’Sharr uses her son Tredorphen’s return to distract the king. Then she hires a muscular warrior, Kavryiss, to assassinate the voluptuous brunette.


Beyond his immense attraction for Diana, Kavryiss finds himself endlessly annoyed with her insistence to rule Dobromia. Nevertheless, the amethyst colored shifter soon warms to both her bed and her ideals for an alliance with the earth.


How will Diana balance her desire to be queen over Dobromia and her lust for the sexy shifter Kavryiss? Will Kavryiss convince stubborn Diana to align herself with him or will he put duty before love and kill her to reunite his people?

Gandadirth: Dragons of Dobromia (Book 4)


“He wasn’t the only one led astray by false promises from the Weredragons. Be patient. A good rebellion doesn’t happen overnight.”

With Dobromia under new rule, rebellions have started to form. Fearless warrior, Gandadirth, is ready to rise up and take back his planet. When he finds a ship carrying an Earthly representative, he sees the perfect opportunity to get in the way of peace talks.


Passionate Fiona Hall is a negotiator sent by the Earth to create peace with the Weredragons. It is her mission to help Dobromia come out from complete darkness and she’s bringing a secret weapon with her.


When Fiona and Gandadirth cross paths, things heat up quickly. The orange shifter falls for the sexy representative and quickly finds her goals aren’t all that honorable after all.


How can Gandadirth put aside his feelings for Fiona and stay true to his rebellion? What secret is Fiona hiding? Does she wish for peace or will her secret bring destruction to the Weredragons?

Dragons of Dobromia The Complete Series(Books 1-4)
The COMPLETE Alien Weredragon Romance BESTSELLING Series full of lovable characters, steamy Weredragons and lots of Romance!

Betrayal, loyalty, adultery, survival, and love! Dragons of Dobromia has it all. A collection of 4 steamy alien Weredragon romance books. Each sexy Weredragon has a battle to win and a love to save. Be prepared to get lost into these steamy worlds with big, sexy Alien Weredragons!

Book #1- Tredorphen
Book #2- Vaikrand
Book #3- Kavryiss
Book #4- Gandadirth

This is the complete box set for the Dragons Of Dobromia Standalone Series. All books in this page-turning Sci-Fi Weredragon romance series can be read as standalones, there are no cliffhangers, and happily ever afters are guaranteed!

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