Through the Portal

The COMPLETE Sci-Fi Weredragon Romance Series full of lovable characters, steamy sexy aliens and lots of Romance!


This is a collection of 3 books that are full of great stories that will keep you wanting to read from Book #1 right through till Book #3

Max: Through the Portal
(A Sci-Fi Weredragon Romance)

When her fiancé and bridesmaid hook up days before her wedding, Heather doesn’t think she’ll ever recover. Dating is a freak show, and her career as a lawyer in Manhattan is a wash. If it wasn’t for her best friend, Christy, Heather would write off relationships forever.


And when Christy sets Heather up on a date in a final effort to get her out of her slump, things go from bad to worse.


The guy Heather meets is hot, and his name is Blake, but that’s where his similarities to a book boyfriend end. Blake is odd, intense, and may just be out of his mind. He doesn’t want to date Heather. He insists he wants to have a child with her. And when Heather tries to ditch Blake, his cousin Max shows up, and he too is anything but normal.


Suddenly, Christy and Heather are pulled into the fantastical world Blake and Max come from where Weredragons and Orcs are not fiction, but reality. And Heather just may have found the life she’s meant for.


But will she be brave enough to take it?

Blake: Through the Portal
(A Sci-Fi Weredragon Romance)

Some love is too hot to handle…


Heather isn’t happy when her best friend Christy signs her up for a dating app, nor is she interested in the gorgeous, but awkward Blake. Christy, on the other hand, thinks he’s hot, too hot, but is he the one for her?


Things take a surprising turn when Christy learns that Blake is actually a dragon, a being from another world who needs a human mate to bear him a child. Christy isn’t interested in being an incubator for him, but as she gets to know him, she starts to fall for him. Life with a dragon would mean moving to his world. Is she ready to give up everything for him?


His world has its own problems, namely Orcs. Faced with the thought of losing Christy, Blake tries to get her to stay in her world, but she is determined to stay by his side.


Is their love strong enough to keep them together? Or will the Orcs separate them forever?

Craig: Through the Portal
(A Sci-Fi Weredragon Romance)

A city on edge, a killer lurking in the shadows…


Gina is a cop, on the trail of a notorious serial killer called the Gripper, who has eluded the authorities for years. He kills in threes, then vanishes for a year. Gina and her partner, Craig, are on the case.


Gina believes that two local women, Christy and Heather, are the latest victims of the Gripper. Craig knows better. He knows that Christy and Heather are involved with dragon shifters, because he is one himself. Exiled from his world long ago, he can’t reveal the truth to Gina.


When Gina happens upon a portal to Craig’s world, the two of them are sucked in. The truth is revealed, and Gina is conflicted, since she has feelings for Craig, but can she really be with a weredragon?


When Craig decides that he must join the fight against Orcs, Gina returns home alone.


Will she find a way to be with Craig? And when the Gripper returns, can she finally stop him?

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