On Revant, the Federation holds sway. After the Federation demands use of the wormhole that would allow their trader ships to pass through the universe faster Harrod and his wife Renée, rulers and royals on Revant, know that they must rebel.

When the Federation’s harshness causes the entire system around Revant to collapse they find themselves on the run with their four sons, and on a collision course with the most deadly race ever known, the Gorlites.

The family is determined to survive as they wander deeper into space, ready to do whatever they must to find a planet that they can claim as their own, a planet far from the rule of the Federation.

But survival is not guaranteed, and nobody could have known the extent of the Federation’s betrayal…

Renall: Revant Warriors (Book 1)

Renall’s determined to create a world like the one his race lost. Clara’s determined to save her family. With war looming and everything hanging in the balance Clara and Renall will find themselves torn between their plans for a future, and the future that love might bring.Renall’s determined to create a world like the one his race lost. Clara’s determined to save her family. With war looming and everything hanging in the balance Clara and Renall will find themselves torn between their plans for a future, and the future that love might bring.

Revant Warriors Renall is the first book in the Revant Warriors Standalone series. All books in this page-turning SciFi romance series can be read as standalones, and happily ever afters are guaranteed!

Talon: Revant Warriors (Book 2)

Two warriors. One cause. A love that could change everything.

Talon is a Revant, one of the few left of his race. He’s been at war with the Gorlites and the Federation for centuries and he doesn’t see that changing anytime soon.

Jessica’s a human Talon saved from a slaver ship. She’s also a fierce warrior and a former Federation Capo with a shadowy past and a closely guarded secret that she can’t remember.

The attraction between them is strong but they both fight it as hard as they fight against the impossible decision that must be made. Stand with the Federation or see the universe taken over by something even more sinister.

Love or war? Which will win?

Marik: Revant Warriors

​Two Healers. One shattered universe, and a secret that could destroy

Marik is a natural healer blessed with the ability to touch heal, a much-needed skill on the primitive new planet Revant Two. When Talon arrives from Old Earth, asking for healers to help the humans there that the Federation has abandoned, Marik agrees to go.

Jenny is a human from Old Earth and one of the women rescued from a slaver ship by the four Revant siblings. She's torn between her growing feelings for Marik and her loyalty to Ben, the human she'd been engaged to back on Old Earth.

Marik takes her along because he senses she's a natural healer after he begins teaching her to heal with meds and learned skill. But he's sure it's a mistake since he's in love with her and he's pretty sure she's going to want to stay on her home planet.

Old Earth is still at war. Old Allies have become enemies. When Jenny is abducted
everything changes and they find themselves battling not just for their lives but for

But when war comes and she must choose...will love or duty be what rules her heart?

Jeval: Revant Warriors

Two choices. Both end in death. Which one do you choose?

Jeval has the Dark Gift, a gift so rare that he is the only one born in the universe who
has survived it. He’s determined to never mate with a creature capable of having children for fear of passing that darkness on.

Margie's a woman who grew up under the unfair class system that allowed her father to sell her off to pay his debts. She's determined to never be under the rule of a male again. So why does she seem to keep ending up way too close to the Revant, Jeval?

The rebellion has grown to a point where it is war or nothing and Jeval knows that now is the time to use that gift, and when he’s given a mission that is sheer suicide, even with his abilities he knows he has to take it, even though it means leaving behind Margie, the human that holds his heart—and body.

Will Margie let him go it alone, even if it means her life?

Blade: Revant Warriors

A runaway pleasure slave. A rebel and outlaw. A war that will rage across the universe and one chance to either live free, or die trying.

Blade’s a rebel, an outlaw and a man who can kill swiftly and silently. He has no intention of living, because he has no reason to, and when the Revant brothers come to him with a pact to finally begin open warfare against the Federation, Blade eagerly agrees. He doesn’t plan on rescuing a beautiful woman sold into slavery. He doesn’t plan on falling in love.

But plans go awry and when war starts, love might be the only thing that is worth dying, and living for.

Drake: Revant Warriors

Tralam has stood not just for centuries but for eons. It’s the creation of the machine created by an ancient race, and the things within Tralam’s walls are both more dangerous than anything Drake has ever known, and more important too. For in Tralam’s ruined and warped walls lies a weapon of such might that it can and will crush the Federation forever, but it might just break his heart too.

Lornia has no use for humans. Drake has ambitions so huge they threaten the very foundations of his soul. Lornia’s a weapon poised for battle. Drake’s a man on the brink of giving in to evil. Love and war, sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between the two.

A weapon of unimaginable power. A man who can wield it. The love that will give birth to a whole new universe.

Note: This book is only available in the series! The complete series will be sold for one low price of .99 cents or FREE on KU for a limited time.

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